The 3D design was extremely helpful, it allowed me to picture what the outdoor kitchen would look like in the space that I will be installing it. So far everything has been excellent.


I highly recommend using the NewAge Virtual Design, even if you’ve already come up with your own plan. I was able to configure my design and save over $2k based on the packages (or sets).

Bryan Aber

NewAge has mastered the buyers experience for items that tend to be relatively expensive. Their pre-sales virtual demonstrations (via Microsoft Teams web conference)are very effective and have great synergy with sales staff efforts that match products with buyer's requirements. Sales advisor Saylee is professional, friendly and knowledgeable and helped me to make an informed buying decision. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Gary Mancini

Saylee was amazing in helping me design my new garage cabinets layout. Can’t wait to get my new cabinets installed and start using them.