More space than ever before

Outdoor Kitchen Stainless Steel Cabinet UK

Space Efficiency

Reclaim your garage space with the VersaRac, ideal for getting bins, boxes, and even bikes up and off the ground. Height-adjustable and designed to offer you a functional open area to work in, the VersaRac is a much-needed storage solution.

NewAge Performance Series Cabinets

Powder-Coated Paint Finish

Available in high-gloss white and hammertone gray, the industrial powder-coated paint finish protects against scratches and rust for lasting appeal.

Pro 3.0 Garage Storage Cabinets

Fully Adjustable

With the ability to be installed as low as 18 ", the VersaRac can be adjusted to meet your needs.

NewAge Stainless Steel Cabinets

Smart Accesories

We have created various hooks that fit perfectly onto the VersaRac and are great for storing aditional goods.

Industrial Strength

The VersaRac can hold up to 600 lbs. of distributed weight safely and effectively. Tires, bins, boxes, patio furniture and bulky tools are only some of the many storage possibilities.