What Does Your Garage
Say About You?

Garage storage that matches your lifestyle

No two people use their garage in the same way.

Discovering your garage personality can help you determine what storage solution is perfect for your lifestyle, whether you are family-oriented, a car-enthusiast, love doing DIY projects or are a big sports fan. It also provides insight into how to best arrange your cabinets and storage solutions to meet your needs.

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The Family-Friendly Storage Space

For growing families that work and play together, you need a storage solution that takes into consideration every family members unique interests, as well as shared hobbies.

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Cabinets with a smaller footprint, like NewAge Products Bold Series Cabinets, are perfect for organizing everything from gardening tools to kid’s toys, even if the space is tight.

Bold 3.0 Series 2-Door Cabinet


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NewAge Products Lokers

Create a ‘kids’ section for storing toys and games and an ‘off-limits’ section for chemicals and power tools.

This way kids can learn which areas of the garage they are allowed to access. Utilize lockable cabinets to keep kids safe.

Bold 3.0 Series 4-Drawer Tool Cabinet


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Add a Workbench or Worktop so you have space to work on projects, kid’s crafts, repairs, etc. You can additionally store wagons or ride-ons below the workbench when it is not in use. NewAge Products Worktops are available in both Stainless Steel and Bamboo.

48" and 72" Stainless Steel Tops


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NewAge Garage Storage Cabinets

The Gearhead

Do you have a passion for anything with wheels? Take your love for all things mobile and apply it to your garage storage solution.

The Performance Plus Series was designed with car enthusiasts in mind and comes with a customizable racing stripe to reflect your unique style.

Performance Plus 2.0 Black Mobile Locker


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Performance Plus is a perfect mobile storage solution

Prevent trips back and forth to the garage and keep your tools within reach, by easily rolling your tool drawer next to the car or out on the driveway.

Performance Plus 2.0 Blue Tool Drawer


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Wall Cabinets and Mobile Lockers allow you to clear floor space for your cars or even install a car lift. Install your cabinets directly to the wall or a slatwall system to free up even more valuable floor real estate.

Performance Plus 2.0 Black Wall Cabinet


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The Fixer Upper

If HGTV is your favourite channel and you are always searching through Pinterest for the next great DIY project, you need a garage that can store all sorts of eclectic items, while still making it easy to find what you need.

The Pro Cabinet Series is the ideal choice for ‘The Fixer Upper’ because it is strong, durable and maximizes your storage space.

Pro 3.0 Red Tool Drawer


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Adding LED Lights to your work area is useful for seeing small details and allows you to work into the night.

Install LED Lights behind the mountable wall valance to create a soft glow and to hide unsightly cables.

LED Light 2700K with Power Adaptor


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Choose cabinets with built-in power routing, so that you can charge your power tools behind locked doors. Built-in cable management also keeps your cords off the floor and out of sight.

Pro 3.0 Grey 36" Locker


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The Sports Fan

When stashing all of your sporting gear, you need an all-star storage system. With proper storage, you will not only have a place to store all the equipment and accessories you need, but also have a lounge area to cheer on your favourite team.

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Scattered equipment can make your garage appear messy. Conquer the clutter with Lockers built to maximize storage utility.

Bold 3.0 Grey


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Versarac Overhead Rack

Make use of overhead storage systems to easily store your off-season and large sports equipment. Adding utility hooks can also work to expand your storage space.

VersaRac Adjustable 4 x 8 Grey


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NewAge Hanging Bar

NewAge Products Hooks add utility to your VersaRac and are great for storing water and snow sporting equipment, bikes, fishing rods and more.

VersaRac Multi-Pack Hanging Hooks Grey


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Add decals or apply Sticker Kits to your Performance and Performance Plus Cabinets to represent your favourite sports team. NewAge Products Sticker Kits are available in yellow, red, orange and blue.

Performance Plus 2.0 Blue Locker


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No matter what your personality, NewAge Products has a garage storage solution to fit your needs. Learn more about our products at