I received my delivery and I seem to be missing some cabinets

If you received your delivery and seem to be missing units, there may be a couple of reasons for this:

1. In some cases, cabinets can be nested inside a locker or base cabinet for shipping purposes. Make sure to open all of your cabinets to see if your missing product is nested inside another locker or cabinet.

2. The order may be shipped from multiple warehouses which is known as a split shipment. To confirm if your order is a split shipment, please review your order confirmation e-mail.

If the missing cabinets are not nested in another cabinet or locker, or if you have verified that your missing cabinets, are not part of a split order, please make sure you complete the following steps:

1. Report the missing product by completing and submitting the Replacement Form  and make sure that you include the following in your form:
– Order number
– Brief description of the missing items

2. After the form is submitted an automated email with a case ID will be sent and one of our customer service specialists will reach out to you via e-mail or by phone in regards to a resolution.

If you require immediate assistance please call us at 1-877-306-8930 and select the option to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Ensure that you have your order number on hand, and if you have submitted a Replacement Form, please reference your case ID.