VersaRoll Flooring
Heavy-duty. Easy-to-install.
Get that sleek workshop look with VersaRoll flooring. This non-porous floor rolling endures those common garage spills and withstands seasonal temperature changes easily. Also looks great in your warehouse or truck bed.
  • Commercial-grade durability
  • Sleek and functional thread plate
    pattern for easy spill clean-up
  • Non-slip surface with UV coating
  • Easy installation: roll out and go
Available sizes
  • 7.5’W x 20’D x 2.2mm
The heavy-duty durability you need.
Heavy-duty versatility.
Vehicles. Tools. Chemical spills. Temperature changes. Foot traffic. Throw anything you want at our VersaRoll PVC flooring, and you’ll find out just how durable it is. That’s because we made it extra resilient – to withstand and prevent damage, and keep up with the rough conditions of your garage.
Good-looking. Long-lasting.
When it comes to functionality, our VersaRoll PVC flooring has it all. Its non-slip diamond-plate pattern makes cleaning up any liquid a breeze, while its UV coat protects it from the harsh effects of seasonal temperature change. And it’s not just for your garage. VersaRoll Flooring looks just as slick in your warehouse or truck bed.
Easily installed.
When it comes to installing VersaRoll flooring, we made sure it wasn’t a back-breaking, time-consuming procedure. It’s ready to roll, right out of the box. And because no two spaces have the same dimensions, we made putting two rolls together easy. Simply match up the seams, or overlap by an inch. It’s your call.
Pictures say a thousand words.
VersaRoll Flooring
Frequently asked questions
VersaRoll Flooring
My roll floor is rippled. What can I do to straighten it?
Lay out the roll floor in the sun outside thereby applying heat to it. The roll will take a few days to settle.
Speed up the process by applying indirect heat.
Are there any necessary preparations prior to installing the VersaRoll?
Please ensure the floor is sealed and the area is free of moisture. NewAge products will not be responsible
if mold develops under the VersaRoll.
There are stains on my roll floor. How can I clean it?
You can use soap and water. For heavier stains, use an industrial-grade cleaning product or dish detergent.
I purchased a roll and the ends are turning up (curling). What can I do?
Use double-sided indoor/outdoor carpet tape on the edges or glue the edges down with industrial-strength glue.
Does the VersaRoll have a smell?
The VersaRoll is made from PVC material and we recommend airing it out in an open area once you
remove it from the packaging. Within 1-2 days, any odor will be gone.
Can I install VersaRoll flooring outside?
The roll is made for inside use. We do not recommend it for the outdoors or on a wooden deck.
The roll is not optimized for outdoor use.
How do I join the 2 rolls together?
You can lay them side by side or overlap the rolls.
What is the lowest temperature that the VersaRoll can withstand?
VersaRoll can withstand harsh winter conditions with temperatures as low as -22 F.
Are there custom sizes for VersaRoll?
Custom sizes are not available at this time.
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