VersaRoll Flooring
Heavy-duty. Easy-to-install.
Get that sleek workshop look with VersaRoll flooring. This non-porous floor rolling endures those common garage spills and withstands seasonal temperature changes easily. Also looks great in your warehouse or truck bed.
  • Commercial-grade durability
  • Sleek and functional thread plate
    pattern for easy spill clean-up
  • Non-slip surface with UV coating
  • Easy installation: roll out and go
Available sizes
  • 8’W x 20’D x 2.2mm thick
Versatility meets durability.

Heavy Duty

Vehicles. Tools. Chemical spills. Foot traffic. The VersaRoll flooring is extra resilient to withstand and prevent damage from the tough conditions of your garage.

Easy Installation

Ready to roll, right out of the box. Because not two spaces have the same dimensions, easily cut the VersaRoll to your desired size or put two rolls together.

Withstands Cold Temperatures

The VersaRoll can withstand seasonal temperature changes as low as -22 degrees Farenheit (-33 degrees Celsius) becuase of its protective UV coat.

Think Outside The Box

The garage is the only one of a multitude of places where the VersaRoll flooring can be used. Consider installing it in the basement, utility shed, laundry room, warehouse, or pet area to witness its versatility.

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