Overhead Racks
One sizes. Tons of configurations.
Meet our heavy-duty Ceiling Storage Racks. Our racks can accommodate up to 600 pounds of distributed weight and are height-adjustable up to 42 inches. They also feature two width adjustments for when you need that extra horizontal space. Worried about durability? Don’t be. Our garage Ceiling Storage Racks feature a powder-coated paint finish that looks good and protects against scratches, rust and temperature change.
  • Height adjustable up to 42″
  • Two width adjustments for 4’ x 8’ rack
  • Solid steel frame
  • Up to 600 Lbs. weight capacity
  • 13 gauge perimeter support beams reinforcing 4mm diameter wire grids
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated finish
  • 4’ x 8’ ceiling rack:
    96”L x 48“D x 45”H
  • Adjustable to 4‘ x 6’ rack:
    72”L x 48“D x 45”H
Hook accessory pack.

Add hooks to your Ceiling Rack for storing bicycles, sporting goods, lawn chairs, extension cords, and tools. Weight capacity 45 Lbs.

Giving you more space than you ever thought you had.
Simply practical.
If you could use your space more efficiently, wouldn’t you? Getting your bins, your boxes and even those bikes up and off the ground and onto a Ceiling Storage Rack is practically the best way to reclaim your garage space. Our height-adjustable Ceiling Racks are designed to offer you a functional open area to work in. And a fresh new space to brag about.
Industrial strength.
What can you load on our Ceiling Storage Racks? Try a set of tires to start. Add some patio furniture. Bins, boxes, bulky tools – no problem. Whatever you need up and off the ground, each of our Ceiling Rack units can hold up to 600 pounds of distributed weight safely and effectively.
Fully adjustable*.
No two spaces are alike. That’s why our Ceiling Storage comes with options. They are height adjustable from 18 to 42 inches – perfect for fitting your space while giving you maximum storage. And because most garages have bulky lighting systems, we built our Ceiling Racks to mount at the front or rear of your garage.
Accessories for smarter storage.
Add hooks onto your Ceiling Rack to hold your bicycle in place. This smart storage solution will keep your sporting equipment off the floor and within easy reach. It can be used for bicycles, sporting goods, lawn chairs, extension cords, tools, and more.
Pictures say a thousand words.
Ceiling Racks
Frequently asked questions
Ceiling Racks
How much weight does a 4’ x 8’ overhead hold?
The 4’ x 8’ overhead Ceiling Rack can hold up to 600 pounds. Overhead racks are great for storing tires, ladders, tools, and seasonal items.
Can I install ceiling storage rack into metal joists?
No, if your ceiling joists are made out of metal, you cannot install this product.
Can I adjust the beams on 2 different levels?
As long as the rack remains on the same level you can do that.
Where can I install this product and are the overheads adjustable?
You can install this product in open or closed ceilings. The rack can be adjusted in height and offers two width adjustments. It is made from solid steel and comes in a corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish.
*Can I adjust the to any height between the 18” to 42”?
No, from 18” to 27” the height cannot be adjusted. From 27” to 42”, you can adjust in 1 1/2” increments.
Can I mount this product in parallel setup?
We recommend contacting a local contractor to inspect if there is adequate structure to support parallel mounting.
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